Luisa’s washing machine has stopped working. After the initial misfortune this will represent, it will actually become her perfect alibi to slip away from her slow daily routine. To her husband, the absence of the washing machine will become a greater absence, Luisa is not home anymore fulfilling her submissive housewife duties.

Luisa, with her silence, reproduces the old mechanism of consent.
I always wanted to stop this mechanism, like an old washing machine that suddenly stops working. That is why I took Luisa out of her house and binding duties, to accompany her and at the same time discover her absence’s effect. To realize that it is never too late to raise your voice and express your own will.
When I came up with the idea of Luisa and her broken washing machine, I felt the need to write a script about the double meaning a silence can have for women of a certain generation. Silence can secretly grow a home by itself, like a jar with money, hidden in an unexpected drawer. This image, for me, has been the picture of the domestic black economy for women of a certain age. Luisa had to be, with no doubt, one of these women; the ones that knew how to manage the little savings they had and who built, with her unconditional dedication, the “blessed home”.
But, at the same time, Luisa’s silence means that she has given up, she has abandoned herself. The silence is another gesture of her submission as a housewife and spouse.
I’ve tried to build a simple story, a common one. I’ve tried to compose a short chapter about the everyday routine of a marriage, arising the need that a foreign word could distort the silence of a shared loneliness. Paradoxically, the noisy trigger, the washing machine – which kept Luisa busy at home – now gives her a new possibility: to leave home and be herself.
“Luisa is not home” is the story of a new friendship. It is also the story of an absence. And, why not?, it could be the story of a sweet slow revenge.
Finally, it is the story of some objects: sheets that travel in a basket and an old washing machine that, although it is no longer working, refuses to be replaced.